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About the Chiyawo language

Ciyawo is a Bantu language spoken in Malawi and some parts of Tanzania and Mozambique. Most Yawo speakers in Malawi live in the southeastern part of the country, in the districts of Zomba, Machinga, Mangochi and Balaka.

The first Ciyawo Bible in Malawi was published in 2014. Translation work started in 1996 with cooperation from local churches. In order to reach all people with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the audio New Testament in Chiyawo was also produced. Currently, literacy classes in some Yawo speaking areas have been introduced to help people learn how to read Ciyawo.

Ciyawo Literacy Project

The Bible Society of Malawi has started a literacy project in Namwera, Mangochi, in order to equip those who can't read to learn how to read and write.

The program has won hearts of many people, young and old. Mr Willie Beaton, the coordinator of the literacy project works with different groups from different villages in the Namwera area.

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6Yesu ŵamjanjile kuti, “Une ndili litala, usyesyene, ni umi, pangali mundu jwakwawula kwa Atati akaŵe kupitila mwa une basi.” 7Jwalakwe ŵasalile ŵakulijiganyawo kuti, “Pakuŵa jemanja sambano mumanyilile une, timcamanyilila Atati ŵangu soni, nipo kutandilaga sambano jino mpaka pasogolo jemanja akwamanyilila soni ŵaweni.”

Yohane 14:6-7

Maloŵe gawo gali nyali ja ku sajo syangu, gakusamulicila litala lyangu. Masalimo 119:105

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